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Our service

At Scelltech, we are known for our expertise in road system or parking lot cleaning, reserved lane marking, line marking, signage and sophisticated floor finish. Whether you are a public or private business, we offer you an efficient and quick result tailored to your needs.

Our history

Founded in 1994, Scelltech was, at the beginning, a residential sealant business that gradually expanded its expertise in street marking and vertical road signs. Relying on a growing team of experts and avant-garde approach, we have reached an important place in the market.

Our expertise

From the beginning, we have never stopped putting forward the expertise of our team and that is why we are known as a leader in our field. Very well trained, we can guarantee quality and a work well done at all levels and ensure the growth of our business.

Our values

At Scelltech, we make sure our members are honest, invest themselves in their work and respect standards and other workers. We want our employees to really feel like they belong to the business, and we make their health and security our priority.

ore than 25 000 km in marking in 25 years

Year after year, we open new horizons. Each line that we mark brings us to an ambitious goal and promising results. In 25 years, we are proud to have marked the roadway on more than 25 000 km, a distance representing approximately 4.5 times the length of Canada, from one end to the other. One line at the time, we always go further.

Sophisticated equipment for your needs

For all our services–sign post installation, road system or road maintenance, we provide a tailored vehicle fleet and equipment. Each vehicle, offering a specific application and many advantages, operates quickly, precisely and smoothly.

Our bucket/post driver truck and tank truck with its low temperature resistant cannon are two good examples of a leading-performance equipment illustrating our innovative business. Thanks to these unique and specialized vehicles, we guarantee a high level of quality exceeding expectations.

The secret behind our success

Our team:
the key source
of our growth

The many crafts of our organization are the core of our expanding business. All our employees, whether working as a business leadership or developer, an operations manager or on the field, contribute to the success of our projects. In order to meet standards of our different services in force, we also rely heavily on our internal engineer that checks every essential detail thoroughly.

25 years Expert in signage, marking and much more!

We have been offering an excellent customer service for 25 years. We carry out projects of different scales in various sectors, always guaranteeing a higher level of quality. We offer reliable services, a fast operation, a turnkey solution, a flexible realization… For the past 25 years, we have exceeded all industry’s standards.

To get where we are today, we had to follow a strict path and make changes when we had to. Little by little, we paved our way to success by purchasing new equipment, expanding our team, keeping abreast of new technologies and listening to our customers, some still with us today. We are constantly looking for new products, equipment and partners in order to keep our business growing and offer the best to our customers.

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