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Our realizations

Our realizations

For us, each project is an opportunity to exceed ourselves. When faced with a new challenge, we are in our element: comfortable, happy and enthusiastic. We like brainstorming to find solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. When we complete a project, we are proud because we know that we gave nothing but our best every day and satisfied our customers.

Garage door

  • A waterproof installation with a firewall
  • Marking on small surfaces

Marking on columns

  • Columns of the Louis-Collin pavilion of the University of Montréal
  • Alkyd paint, approved by the MTQ (standard 10201)

Connected surfaces

  • Marché central of Montréal
  • Alkyd paint with stickers of writings and symbols

Painted footsteps

  • Bridgestone manufacturing plant in Joliette
  • Alkyd paint

Dance floor

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Alkyd paint for a special marking, approved by the MTQ (standard 10201)

Pedestrian passageway

  • Marriott of the Aéroport de Montréal
  • Low COV setfast acrylic-based paint

Functional labyrinth

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Alkyd paint with different and superimposed colours (standard 10201 of the MTQ)
  • Meticulous marking of the finishing with flowers drawn one at the time

Green wall with stickers

  • CUSM
  • Wall painted with the client’s unique colour
  • Stickers of symbols

Implantation of the marking

  • A shopping centre parking lot
  • Marking on a new asphalt
  • Alkyd paint approved by the MTQ (standard 10201)

Customized columns

  • Aéroport de Montréal
  • Colored and customized marking

New asphalt marking

  • Jean-Coutu centre distribution
  • Pedestrian passageway respecting CNESST’s standards
  • Two component epoxy resin 100% yellow solid safety lines

Ground and wall marking

  • CUSM
  • Paint for ground tracing
  • Yellow painted wall with stickers

Indoor parking lot

  • CUSM
  • Pedestrian passageways and parking lot spaces
  • Alkyd paint, which colours vary depending on the level

Line retracing

  • White alkyd paint, approved by the MTQ (standard 10201)
  • Graco LineLazer IV 200HS truck

Plant marking

  • Commercial plant
  • 100% solid yellow epoxy for safety lines on a clear background
  • Grinding preparation

Valet parking

  • Casino de Montréal
  • Long-lasting Stin-mark P2 marking

Wall sticker

  • A pink sticker in a shape of a family applied precisely

Pedestrian passageway

  • Implantation new marking on a new asphalt
  • Alkyd paint

Thermoplastic bikes

  • Heated thermoplastic bike symbols in the street

Road marking

  • Casino de Montréal
  • Mechanical preparation with a yellow long-lasting Stin-Mark P2

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