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Line marking

Playgrounds, streets, parking lots… Scelltech specializes in exterior and interior surfaces marking, using top-quality products complying with the highest environmental standards. Our specialized equipment and labour force complete all your marking projects precisely and quickly, repair the asphalt and erase old marking.

Thanks to our team who is also an expert in interior safety marks, we can maximize your interior parking space or increase the security of warehouses.

Pressurized bead spreading machine

The Graco LineLazer IV 200HS line striper–last model of Graco LineLazer products–has an efficient cutting-edge technological pressurized jet glass bead system. This high-powered and unique line striper evenly distributes the glass bead on the line, making it the ideal equipment for all types of work, including retroreflective line marking at night.

The Graco LineLazer also meets the highest safety standards of the ministère des Transports.

Road marking


Road marking includes any type of parking and highway marking, whether it’s simple lines, stop lines, lane lines or arrows, macles, symbols…

Used products

  • Water-based paint approved by the MTQ (standard 10204)
  • Alkyd paint approved by the MTQ (standard 10201)
  • Thermoplastic waterproofing membrane that is 5 to 6 times more durable than normal paint
  • A durable and antiskid Stin-mark P2 marking system, which dries quickly

Project types

  • Private and public parkings
  • Total retracing
  • Reorganization of construction sites
  • Reconfiguration of marking
  • Complete implantation
  • Temporary lane deviation

Safety lines


Safety lines are, in fact, the marking of pedestrian passageways in plants and other medium or large indoor buildings, according to CNESST standards. These passageways make sure that workers are safe at all times.

Used products

  • Two component 100% solid epoxy resin, applied with a roller
  • Water-based paint approved by the MTQ (standard 10204)
  • Alkyd paint approved by the MTQ (standard 10201)

Project types

  • Pedestrian passageways
  • Delimitation of areas (forklifts, loading docks, surplus storage…)
  • Implantation and reconfiguration
  • Preparation of surfaces according to the product lifespan

Inventive marking


For every marking project, we use innovative products tested in a laboratory. Our paints also meet the Government’s environmental standards and contain, for example, less than 150 g/L of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have adverse environmental effects. Depending on the product employ for the purpose, we use specialized application processes.

Used products

  • Low temperature resistant products (e.g. commercial freezers)
  • Two component epoxy resin, applied with a roller
  • Thermoplastic waterproofing membrane for a long-lasting marking
  • A durable and antiskid Stin-mark P2 marking system, which dries quickly

Loyal customers

From the very start, we have never stopped working! Our goal? Complete projects quickly no matter what the service given and build customer loyalty. If we reach high quality and increase the number of realizations year after year, it is because all of our customers, from institutional, governmental and private sectors, entrust us.

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