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For Scelltech’s team, accomplishment lies in difficult challenges. For each project following actual trends on the market, we find an innovative solution. We are your eyes and ears. You confide us your project, and we do everything in our power to find the creative solution suiting your needs.

We are constantly developing new techniques thanks to our modern equipment and ingenious team that keeps honing their skills regularly.

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Scelltech always gives its word of honor! Because we want to guarantee a high level of quality, we have decided to do business with an independent laboratory specializing in material and surface coating testings. Able to simulate an accelerated use of our products, lab experts were able to check resistance parameters respecting the ASTM D4060 standard in order to obtain exact results.

The paint that our team uses to mark your streets and parking lots have passed this abrasion resistance test. By receiving the certification of a superior adhesion and limited wear, we are can guarantee a short-, medium- or long-term service quality that respects your needs.

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